Leaked Footage Shows the Strangest Archeology Discovery in History

Leaked footage shows the mummified remains of an alien covered in a white powder, it has been hailed as a mystery because the “creature” has six fingers and six toes unlike the normal set of 10 and 10. The skull is also elongated, which was quite a common practice in a pre-Columbian society in Peru. This could be the greatest discovery ever made.

Gobsmacking footage shows a mummified body being lifted out of a box to “stunned silence”.The strange figure sits with its knees tucked into its chest with its hands wrapped around its legs. The “humanoid” measured 5ft 5ins with long legs and three spindly fingers.

“What bugs me the most about stuff like this is this… they ask that “age-old” question lol age-old… anyways.. are we alone in the universe? Seriously….. we have millions of different animal and plant life on this planet. Humans are not alone. Why do we need to know if there are other species out there? Why? Be careful what you wish for. Scientists are not good people. Archeologists lie. Both of these professions obfuscate, deny, or hide their information all together so that we the sheeple will NEVER know the reality. Even when little bits and pieces come out they are so compartmentalized we cannot put two and two together. My people perish for lack of knowledge” – Cat


Source: http://alienblog.org/leaked-footage-shows-strangest-archeology-discovery-history/

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